Can you get back your lost videos from SD card?

Is Mov recovery from SD card possible?

Are you looking to perform Mov recovery from XD card?

SD card is a safe digital card. What happens if your SD card takes away your videos? It is a common problem to get deleted the videos from SD card or XD card. But you should know that you can recover your videos as well.

There are so many Reasons to get deleted videos:

  • >> Accidental formatting is one of the most important reasons.

  • >> Formatting because of virus attack.

If you are anxious to get back your videos you need not to worry about it. Mov recovery from SD card can be easily done with the help of recovery tools.

Third party recovery software solves all your problems you are facing in video recovery. This recovery tools has some procedures during recovery process which are:

  • >> A complete scan of the digital device is performed to locate the videos.

  • >> After scanning process is completed recovered files are found as thumbnails.

  • >> These recovered pictures can be used and viewed with any image viewer software.

  • >> It has simple and easy to use interface.

This software can be used with any digital cameras such as Nikon, Fuji etc. It supports not only Mov recovery from SD or XD card but also supports other video formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG. It retrieves audio files also. It is compatible with various brands of cameras also such as Nikon, Fuji, and Sony etc. System requirement for this software is Pentium or other high class processors. OS can be XP, Vista, 2003 or Mac. Minimum requirement of memory is 512 MB.